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Cdot Research Study Finds Personal Breathalyzers Have The Potential To Reduce Driving Under The Influence

Colorado Department of Transport (CDOT) in a first-of-its-kind research study taking a look at the impact breathalyzers might have on drinking routines and decision making. When people know they are being monitored there, activity is different. The tend to drink more than if nobody knows their business.

The research study was developed to determine if using a breathalyzer altered habits when it pertains to drinking and driving. Colorado Department of Transportation also looked for to raise awareness about impaired driving and aid motorists to comprehend how quickly they can reach the DWAI (0.05% BAC level) or DUI (0.08% BAC level) limits. Everyone body processes and absorbs alcohol differently so the amount of time needed to reduce you blood alcohol level differs.

Colorado Department Of Transportation employed 225 study participants randomly chosen from more than 1,500 candidates. Individuals got a BACtrack Mobile, used the gadget, and completed three studies with concerns about drinking practices and their breathalyzer usage. Individual BAC data was also gathered with consent via the BACtrack app.

Preliminary survey data revealed disturbing realities of alcohol consumption in America:

While 92 percent knew the .08 Blook Alcohol Content limit for a DUI, over half (53%) were uninformed of Colorado's Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) BAC limit of 0.05% percent which is extremely low.

79% of individuals showed they might have owned an automobile while above the legal holding limitation. 92% of people thought they had been a traveler with a motorist above the legal limit.

Arise from the final study were much more positive:

The percentage of participants that showed they might have owned a vehicle while above the legal driving limitation went from 79% at first reported to 12%. 84% of individuals agreed that owning a smartphone breathalyzer lowered their danger for a DUI/DWAI. 82% of people concurred anyone who routinely drinks should own a breathalyzer. It is just smart to know your numbers.

Throughout the program, participants taped 4,823 readings and averaged a BAC of .087 percent, above Colorado's .08 percent BAC limit for a DUI.

View the video and hear exactly what participants need to state about their experience and tell us: does owning a smart device breathalyzer lower your risk for a DUI?

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