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How To Prepare Your Vegetables For A Mandolin Slicer

It is common knowledge that the quality and taste of the meals you make depends greatly on the effort you put into preparing it. The more care you take to handle your vegetables and other ingredients, the more flavourful and tasty they will be. If you want to improve the quality of your cooking and you dont know where to start, a good thing to consider first is the way you handle your vegetables.

Many people dont know that the way you slice up and cut your vegetables can greatly affect the taste of your dishes. There are certain means and methods that are ideal, and other that arent quite so, and by understanding the correct ways you can greatly enhance your food.

How to Prepare Your Vegetables for the Best Mandolin Slicer

1. Clean Whether you bought your vegetables pre-packaged at the grocery store or if you bought them fresh at the market, you should never skip out on giving them a good wash down. There are just too many different bacterium and pathogens that could be thriving in your ingredients, so its important that you wash them out before you prepare your food. Holding your ingredients under the tap while you gently rub and rinse all the areas is a good enough practice to get rid of any potential health threats. If youre handling tougher vegetables like potatoes, radishes, or anything of the like, you should try getting a little tougher by using a rough vegetable cleaning pad.

2. Take Out Unwanted Areas Vegetables arent a hundred percent great on the taste buds and thats why its ideal that others get peeled or broken up before theyre sliced using a mandolin slicer. Carrots for example have an outer layer thats often removed first before theyre sliced up. This will enhance both the texture and the flavour, allowing your carrots to bring out the best in your recipes instead of sap them of quality. Before you start to slice your vegetables with a mandolin slicer, make sure that youve removed all the little leaves, skins, and other parts that you dont want included in your meal. You should also use this time to cut out any blemishes or hard spots that your veggies might have.

3. Safety Precautions While a mandolin slicer is an essential kitchen tool that can enhance the quality of your food, it can be pretty dangerous. Mandolin slicers have very sharp blades that could potentially injure you if used improperly. The best way to ensure that you dont end up cutting anything other than your vegetables is to ascertain that the safety guard is attached firmly on to the vegetables before use. If youre thinking about using your mandolin slicer without the guard, then youre practically setting yourself up for danger. If you really must cut your vegetables sans the safety guard, see to it that you have a protective glove to keep your hands from getting cut by the sharp blades. Do not sacrifice quality for speed and maintain a reasonable pace when slicing up your vegetables.


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